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Lunatask is not primarily a project planning or organization tool. Instead, it's a personal Kanban tool designed to mitigate the stress and mental overload of working in demanding environments (startups, big companies, management roles, etc.) where new work is constantly thrown your way and where you are always on the edge of having too much work on your shoulders. This is where other to-do lists and apps often break down.

In such environments, projects are often managed in other tools (like JIRA or Trello), and only individual small steps assigned to you ever reach your to-do list.

Sometimes creating a separate area for your project won't cut it because it won't allow you to, for example, visualize dependencies. In other cases, the project is too big to be a single task with subtasks. When both of these approaches fail, there is an alternative approach – we call it umbrella or master tasks, and they can help you break down complex multi-step projects in Lunatask.

Create a task that will serve as the master task and name it as you would name the project. Now, pin the task to the top of the list. In its note or description, break down the project into individual parts using subtasks.

When your project is planned, create regular tasks for each subtask in your master task. Once each task is completed, complete the subtask in the master task at the top of the list as well. At any time, to see how you are doing with the project high-level, open the pinned master task and see your project all at once.

This is how we develop Lunatask as well. When building a new major version of Lunatask (e.g. v1.6), we have two tasks pinned at the top of the list. The first one is named "v1.6 roadmap" and holds all our ideas or candidates for what we could include in the release. The second task is "v1.6 changelog" where we track each completed task or fixed bug, so we later know what to include in release notes.

Pinned notes and master tasks are a powerful combination and we are sure you will find great use cases for them.


There are features on the roadmap that will help with structuring your task list, for example, color-coding of tasks 🤞