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Mobile app

Although our mobile app is currently lacking in some features compared to our desktop app, we are working towards making all of the features from the desktop app available on mobile as well.


The mobile app is currently available in beta for iOS. Sign up to help us with beta testing here. The Android version will arrive soon (see the roadmap for more information).

Missing features

Below is a list of features that have not yet been added to mobile, but will come in upcoming updates:

  • Notifications
  • Reordering of areas/notebooks
  • Reordering of habits
  • Habit groups
  • Habit scheduling and time blocking of tasks (see below)
  • Management of calendar integrations
  • Creating notes for calendar events
  • The ability to edit the template new journal entries are initialized with
  • Link extraction
  • Accent colors / pink mode

Interim calendar support

Our mobile app does not yet have a full-featured calendar view. Although, your calendar events, your tasks time-blocked in our desktop app, and habits scheduled using our desktop app will show in a read-only list in our mobile app. This is a temporal solution giving you at least some access to your calendar data on mobile, and it will be improved with proper calendar support as time goes on.