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Lunatask is a young app in active development, and new updates are released frequently. All versions of Lunatask support easy updates when a new version is released.

  • The Mac App Store and Microsoft Store versions of our apps update via system updates
  • Snap version of Lunatask for Linux updates via snap's built-in update system
  • Versions for Mac and Windows downloaded from the website and the AppImage version of Lunatask for Linux contain a built-in updater. It checks for pending updates every time the app is launched. To trigger the check for updates manually, there's a corresponding menu item on Mac. On Windows and Linux, the option can be found in the settings.

We recommend installing new updates when they become available.


We reserve the right to remove support for older versions of Lunatask at any time, and we frequently do so.

Upcoming features

If you find a useful feature currently missing in the app, it is likely it will come in the future. The list of upcoming planned features is available on the Idea Portal and you can suggest your own new ideas.

If a certain feature is important to you, please, let us know by voting for the feature on the Idea Portal. The more votes the feature gets, the more likely it gets implemented 🤞


The development and future direction for Lunatask are all feedback-driven, so don't be shy about sharing your thoughts on the Idea Portal or in our Slack Community. We'll forever love you for it! ❤️


Below you can find our high-level roadmap and see how we think about the future of Lunatask. Of course, there are many other features and improvements on the way, but we would be here for a long if we tried to list everything – we know you have other important things to do.

Short-term (next 3 months)

  • Releasing iOS app into the App Store
  • Android app in beta
  • Embedding images in notes, task descriptions, and journal entries
  • Showing tomorrow on the calendar
  • PIN-protected journal
  • Tracking progress on tasks
  • Resizable calendar/quick note sidebar

Medium-term (next 6 months)

  • Bi-directional linking
  • Color-coding of tasks and notes
  • Support for projects / goal-tracking
  • Support for tables and the rest of Markdown formatting
  • Arbitrary estimates + timer length

Long-term (next 12 months)

  • Gamification
  • Full-text search
  • More analytics/statistics so you can gain useful insights into your data
  • Deeper system integration on all platforms (widgets, global add windows, etc.)
  • Custom trackers

You can vote for other features you'd like us to build next or suggest your ideas on our Idea Portal.