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Lunatask is a young app in active development, and new updates are released frequently.


We reserve the right to remove support for older versions of Lunatask at any time, and we frequently do so. Usually, only the last three versions or those released in the previous three months are supported.

Missing features

If you find a useful feature currently missing in the app, let us know. If a certain feature is important to you, add your vote for the feature on the Idea Portal. The development and future direction for Lunatask are all feedback-driven, so don't be shy about sharing your thoughts. Our Slack Community is also a great place to share your feedback.


Below you can find our high-level roadmap and see how we think about the future of Lunatask. Just be mindful that dates can change and features get reshuffled.

v1.7.x (October)

  • Move integration authorization into the browser

v1.8 (November)

  • Relationship Tracking / Personal CRM
  • Happy memories timeline in the journal

v1.8.x (December)

  • Generic iCal/ics feed calendar provider
  • Creating and editing links in the editor
  • Additional formatting and Markdown support (text highlighting, horizontal line)

v1.9 (January)

  • Adding structure to the journal (multiple journals, and/or journal entry tagging – feedback needed)
  • Color-coding of tags
  • Notifications in mobile apps
  • Deadlines

After that

  • Embedding end-to-end encrypted images in notes, task descriptions, and journal entries
  • Bi-directional linking
  • The ability to share the journal (or a set of journal entries, for example, with a therapist)
  • Arbitrary estimates + timer length
  • Better analytics and stats on top your data (particularly into past habit and mood tracker history)
  • Custom trackers (e.g. how many hours I slept?)
  • Gamification
  • Full-text search
  • Deeper system integration on all platforms (widgets, global add windows, etc.)
Get involved

Vote for features you'd like us to build next on our Idea Portal.