Habit Tracker

Get rid of bad habits and build new healthy ones

Tracking habits cannot be easier with our visual habit tracker. Lunatask supports both daily and weekly habits with flexible recurrence that can be organized into groups (i.e. routines).

How to track an activity?

Simply double-click a cell on the desired date to track activity.

How to change the daily habit to a weekly one?

Right-click the habit name, then pick the desired recurrence.

How to increase/decrease activity count for habits that can be tracked multiple times?

First, set the recurrence of the habit to multiple times a day or multiple times a week. Then, double-clicking the cell will track additional activity. When you accidentally track an additional activity, you can untrack it holding Option/Alt while performing the double-click.

What to do if cells do not align with columns?

Open the System Preferences on your macOS and head to the General section. There, make sure "When scrolling" is set as scrollbar behavior. We will address this going forward by rewriting the layout of the habit tracker, but this is the recommended workaround for the moment.