Principles & Philosophy

What principles is Lunatask designed around?

Why did we create Lunatask?

Having used many todo list applications in the past, we concluded we are lacking a tool that is distraction-free, simple to use, does not do just one thing leaving us searching for other tools to complement it, and actually makes us more organized and productive. As a result, we built Lunatask to scratch our own itch.

What problems does Lunatask aim to solve?

We learned a couple of things about us, humans, the hard way.

  • We, humans, enjoy doing a lot of things, but usually not those we really ought to
  • Our tendency is to pick easy tasks instead of those that are important
  • When there is a lot on our plate, we are easily overwhelmed
  • We gets distracted easily, and have trouble staying focused on the task at hand
  • If we have to use ten different tools to organize our lives, it gets tiring quickly
  • We care about our privacy and our data being safe

What is the philosophy behind Lunatask?

  • I'm focusing on what is now or very soon
  • Leave task prioritization on me. I remember everything and know what is important to you, how much time each task will take, what state it is in, or how old it is. I'll take the mental overhead of prioritizing tasks all the time off your shoulders.
  • What's next should be obvious, what's on top the list is the next thing. I push you to finish older tasks first, unless the newer ones have a higher priority, so no task is left behind.
  • I'm opinionated. I use battle-tested productivity techniques like Kanban, Eisenhower Matrix, or Must/Should/Want Method to get you organized.
  • Life and productivity are not just tasks and I am not just a task list. I'm also a habit tracker, calendar, mood tracker, pomodoro timer, and a powerful note taking app. I try to assist in daily life as much as possible.
  • I make everything visual. Whether it is the habit tracker being filled with color throughout the day, or the task list bubbling the most important tasks on the top.
  • The distractions must be easy to hide out of sight. Choose what you want to work on next and hide everything else. The same applies to UI, the best buttons are no buttons, toolbars hide when you don't need them, and the menu is minimalistic.
  • Through tools like the work-in-progress limit, I keep an eye out for productivity antipatterns
  • Since I'm a desktop application, I'm always just one click away, you can even have me open on your second display permanently if you like
  • I'll protect your privacy at all costs. There's a lot protecting your data behind the scenes.
  • All of this makes me especially great for ADHD brains