Quick Add From Anywhere

Add tasks to your task lists on the go, on mobile, or anywhere within reach of the internet.

What is Quick Add?

With Quick Add, you can generate a random Private Link that you can visit from any device connected to the internet and add tasks to your tasks list without access to our desktop application

You can even pin this Private Link to your mobile home screen so you can quickly track it in Lunatask when you have an idea on the go.

How to set up Quick Add?

In the desktop application, click "Set up Quick Add" in the settings and generate your Private Link.

Copy the Private Link into your browser. Now, you're set up to create tasks from anywhere by visiting the Private Link.

How to add Quick Add to my iOS home screen?

To have Quick Add just one touch away, you can add a bookmark to your home screen. Open your Private Link in Safari on iOS and click the share button in the bottom toolbar.

Next, press "Add to Home Screen".

Now, press "Add".

You are all set!