Zapier Integration

Connect Lunatask with 2000+ apps through Zapier automation platform.


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up integration between your Gmail account and Lunatask to push starred emails into Lunatask via Zapier.

Start by adding Lunatask to your Zapier account via this link.

Next, create a new Zap.

Now, we have to set up the Trigger. Find and click on Gmail in Zapier editor.

Next, configure the Trigger. The event we'll use here will be New Starred Email. Click Continue.

You'll be prompted to either pick an existing Gmail account or to connect a new one. Click Sign in to Gmail.

At this point, the Trigger is configured. Now, we have to set up what should happen when an email is starred, this is called an Action. Lookup Lunatask and select it.

Select Create Task as an Action and click Continue.

Now, you will be prompted to connect your Lunatask account. Click Sign in to Lunatask.

A new window will appear prompting you to enter your Access Token.

Go to your Lunatask settings in our desktop application and generate a new Access Token, name it Zapier, and click Copy to Clipboard.

Then, paste the Access Token into the prompt and click Continue.

Next, set up your Action by setting what properties the task should have when created via starring an email in Gmail. In this example, we'll use the email subject as a name of the task.

The second required field is Area ID, this sets into which list (or area) shall the task go. In Lunatask desktop application, pick an area in the menu, right-click it and click Area settings.

Copy Area ID to clipboard and paste it into Zapier form.

Optionally, you can set the desired status, motivation, or priority of the task. You can leave these empty and default values will be used. Click continue.

Now you're almost ready. Click Test & Continue, the test task should appear in your Lunatask.

Now, Turn on Zap. Your Gmail integration is now set up.


How do I avoid creating duplicate tasks?

When creating a task given there's already an existing not completed task in the same area with the same source/source_id pair, the Zap will succeed without creating a duplicate.

You can think of source/source_id attributes as identification of the record in the external system, i.e. source could be gmail and source_id could be an ID of the email in Gmail.

Why do I need Area ID and cannot just pick area from the list?

Your data in Lunatask is end-to-end encrypted, neither us or Zapier know the names of your areas, hence we cannot offer you suggestions.

What happens when I delete an area with configured Zaps?

Your Zaps will stop working at this point. Be sure to reconfigure your Zaps with new Area ID when you delete an area.