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TickTick Alternative

Lunatask is an all-in-one encrypted to-do list, habit tracker, journaling, life-tracking and notes app.
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Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux 🖥

iOS and Android companion apps in beta — get them here 📱

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Both Lunatask and TickTick are great, but let's look at each app in more detail.

Free plan
Monthly plan
Yearly plan
Months saved by Yearly plan2 months3 months
No credit card required to sign up
One-time buy lifetime premium
To-do lists
Recurring tasks
Task estimation
Scheduled/Deffered tasks
Deadlinesonly on project level
Automatic task prioritization
Progress tracking
Pinned tasks
Pomodoro or other timers
Eisenhower matrix
Must / Should / Want methodvia custom sections
Work-in-progress limit
Time Tracking
Task tagging
Color-coding of tags
Built-in calendar view
Today calendar
Tomorrow calendar
Weekly calendar
Monthly calendar
Quick join video conference calls
Connecting external calendars
Two-way sync
Markdown support
Note templates
PIN-protected notes or notebooksonly whole app
Pinned notes
Note sharingonly with other TickTick users
Note tagging
Habit tracker
Daily habits
Weekly habits
Habit groups / routines
Habit scheduling
Customizable recurrence
Bad habits
Current / Record streak calculation
Mood tracker
Emotion or feelings tracker
Energy level tracker
Stress level tracker
PIN-protected journal
Customizable journal entry template
Relationship tracking
Email integration
Browser extension / bookmarklet
Zapier integration
IFTTT integration integration
Public API
Windows support
macOS support
Linux support
iOS support
Android Support
End-to-end encryption
No analytics or tracking
Multi-device sync
Dark mode
Weather widget

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Awesome customers


Tracked tasks


User rating on the Mac App Store

“Finally found an app for my brain!”


via App Store Reviews

“I've been using Lunatask for a while and what always strikes me is how quickly it evolves. Every month, there are new features to play with.”

Dominik Plsek

via ProductHunt

“This app is literally incredible.”


via App Store Reviews

“So addicting to use. This is the first time I am actually getting things done and getting addicted to checking off my habits. This app has already destroyed competition.”


via App Store Reviews

“Wow, this app has a lot of clever concepts. I tried many different todo apps (MANY!), and this one definitely gets a lot of things right.”


via App Store Reviews

“I love the different workflows, they make so much sense to me.”

Katie Hill

via Slack Community

“Lunatask is a revolutionary application that is missing in the market!”


via Slack Community

“Very promising privacy-focused app with end-to-end encryption”


via AlternativeTo

“Lunatask has really been life-changing. I know it sounds dramatic, but it really has helped my routine so much!”

Sophie-Louise Shearwood

via support

“It is an amazing app. A real gem.”


via App Store Reviews

“I love your app! I've tried every single productivity app and yours is undoubtedly the best. Thank you so much for creating it.”

Sophie Herman

via support

“Legit already the best time-blocking app. If you struggle to follow your blockings and get frustrated, this app is for you.”


via Microsoft Store Reviews

“As an ADHD, I need good UX and workflow to help me get organized without overwhelming me. This is just perfect. Also, app support is amazing.”

Diogo Paschoal

via App Store Reviews

“The app is a real gamechanger and has a lot of promise!”


via support

“Dang, this app is awesome”

Joseph Wood

via Twitter

“I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a premium plan so quickly. Just a few clicks using the app and I could tell, everything I wish my to-do list would do, this does it.”

Will Klein

via Slack Community

“You managed to put together the most important planner apps into one nice package without being overwhelming. I've tried a lot of software and you really got it right!”


via Microsoft Store

“Naming my child Luna after this app!”


via Microsoft Store Reviews

“I showed Lunatask to my close friend and her reaction was to literally shed happy tears and say that this is gonna fix her life!”

Luisa Rodrigues

via Slack Community

“Like WOW. I needed this!!!!!”


via App Store Reviews

“This goes beyond what all the other to-do lists do. It's well designed, well executed, and works very well for me!”


via App Store Reviews

“Just came across @lunatask and I’m really impressed”

Keyan Fayaz

via Twitter

“Intrigued by this to-do app”

Vince Schwidder

via Twitter

“This one is really special, especially for those with ADHD. The UI is clean and well laid out, with feature richness and no clutter.”


via App Store Reviews

“Lunatask replaced a lot of smaller apps I've been using. The interface is beautiful and very responsive. App I didn't know I needed!”


via App Store Reviews

“Easy, fast and intuitive. I've used a LOT of task management and to-do lists, but Lunatask is the one that sticks with me.”


via App Store Reviews

“Used most of the other to-do apps during many years but this is really the best for my workflow.”


via App Store Reviews

“I've tried ALL the habit tracker and to-do apps and I have fallen in love with Lunatask. Every detail seems to have been carefully thought through. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”


via App Store Reviews

“Ddaanngg Lunatask is super snazzy”

Jason B

via Twitter

“One of the very few E2EE task managers with a great design and dedicated developers!”


via Twitter

“I tried every single to-do app out there and Lunatask is the first I truly stick to and really like to use on a daily basis.”

Steffen Pidun

via App Store Reviews

“Such a comprehensive app. It has everything you need and is beautiful!”


via App Store Reviews

“Definitely a tool worth trying. With its multiple opinionated prioritization systems, it does the heavy lifting for you.”

Josef Sekava

via App Store Reviews

“I'm loving Lunatask”

Chad Thornton

via support

“I feel this was designed by people who understand the nuances of an ADHD brain. Wishing you explosive growth, for the sake of people who really need this app!”


via support

“The thing I like most about Lunatask is that I don't have to think. It's all pretty darn obvious how to do something and it works in ways I expect. Thanks for making this!”


via Slack Community

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