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Welcome to Lunatask API 👋

You can use our API to manage data in your Lunatask account, build integrations with your favorite tools, or perform one-time data imports.


All text entered into Lunatask is end-to-end encrypted and never transmitted out of our apps or stored on our servers in a plain readable form. The only way to decrypt such data is by using your master password inside our client apps. Access tokens do not replace your master password.


Lunatask API does not provide a way to read end-to-end encrypted data. Names of entities, notes, and other encrypted data cannot be read using the API, therefore the API does not return such data in responses. However, updating this data is allowed as well as creating new entities. To get this data out of the app, use data export instead.


Your data gets encrypted as soon as it reaches our servers and we keep no logs. Learn more about our approach to encryption and privacy.


We often get asked about webhooks and allowing sharing of data to other tools.

Lunatask is an encrypted app, and as such, Lunatask servers do not have access to your data – therefore, they cannot share it with other tools.

This is a limitation of most encrypted apps – encryption and sharing usually do not play together nicely. On the one hand, you want your data to be safe and for you to be the only person who has access to it, but on the other, you would like to share it with many different systems – you see the conflict here.


The API uses the following error codes:

401Unauthorized -- Your access token is missing, is wrong, or was revoked.
402Limit Reached on Free plan -- The subscription is required to continue.
404Not Found -- The specified entity could not be found.
422Unprocessable Entity -- The provided entity is not valid. Check what data you are sending.
500Internal Server Error -- We encountered a problem processing your request and have been notified. Please, try again later. If the problem persists, please, contact us.
503Service Unavailable -- We're temporarily offline for maintenance. Please, try again later.
524Request Timed Out -- Please, try again.