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Import / Export


🚧 This feature will come in the future

We understand not being able to import data from your existing to-do, note-taking, or journaling app makes the migration to Lunatask tedious. We opted not to build automated import options just yet because our editor does not yet support all possible formatting options (embedded images, tables, etc.) Therefore, we would need to strip such formatting during the import, and some data would be lost.


Once we add support for the remaining formatting, we will also add options to import your existing data from other apps.


Although, you can import your tasks using Zapier or our API in the meantime.

Exports and backups

Having your data vendor-locked in Lunatask would go against our vision for Lunatask. As of v1.5.8, you can now export all your data (including habit and mood tracker data) as a backup or for migration to another tool. Visit Settings > Export in our desktop app. Data export won't be available in our mobile apps.