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Mood tracker

⚡️ Mood tracker is available on Free plan, with energy and stress level trackers available on Premium plan

Our mood tracker lets you track your well-being over time and see how your new habits affect you. Besides tracking your mood, you can also track your energy and stress levels.

In Lunatask, there is always one value for each tracker on a given day – you cannot track your mood multiple times per day. Instead, it is recommended to reflect on your day in the evening. You can set up a habit to remind you to track your mood and schedule it onto the calendar to get reminder notifications.

Mood tracker


The ability to create custom feelings and emotions (besides 54 presets currently available in our apps) might be coming in the future.


What is the grey line on history charts?

The grey line is a chart for the previous period. If a chart for this month is displayed, then the grey line will be the previous month for comparison, and the percentage difference or change will be shown above the chart.