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Mood tracker

Our mood tracker lets you track your well-being over time and see how your new habits affect you. Besides tracking your mood, you can also track your energy and stress levels.

⚡️ Mood tracker is available on Free plan – energy and stress level trackers are available on Premium plan

Habit scheduling


In Lunatask, there is always one value for each tracker on a given day – you cannot track your mood multiple times per day. Instead, it is recommended to reflect on your day in the evening – you can set up a habit to remind you to track your mood and schedule it onto the calendar to get a reminder notification.


The ability to create custom feelings and emotions (besides 54 presets currently available in our apps) is coming in the future 🤞


There are features on our roadmap that will enable deeper integration between habit and mood trackers – for example, our apps will be able to find whether there are correlations between your habits and your mood or energy levels, i.e. "Does taking a food supplement X affect me in any way".