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Beta program

Our beta program is always seeking participants to help us with testing upcoming features. By joining, you will have access to upcoming features before the general public but may experience more issues along the way. You may also provide early feedback and help shape how features will work and look on release.


This is a beta program for our desktop app. If you are looking to get our iOS or Android apps before the general public, visit this page.


  • As someone who has been using Lunatask for some time already, you have a solid grasp of how features are supposed to work, so you are well-equipped to notice when something is misbehaving
  • Your Lunatask account is on Premium plan as issues and regressions might be introduced in Premium-only features
  • You have an account in our Slack Community as testing is coordinated via Slack
  • You are on a supported platform (our beta program is currently available on macOS, Windows, and Linux)

Our beta program for Windows requires Windows 10+. On Linux, snaps must be available on your distribution. Beta program is not available for Windows 8 or the AppImage version of Lunatask for Linux.

Joining beta program

Join our Slack Community and send a direct message to Mike from Lunatask, stating you would like to become a beta tester. Please, also include the following information:

  • The email address of your Lunatask account
  • The list of all desktop platforms you are using Lunatask on (macOS / Windows / Linux)
  • The list of all mobile platforms you would like to use Lunatask on in the future (iOS / Android)
  • The email address of your Microsoft account used on the Microsoft Store (Windows users only)
  • Your Apple ID (macOS users only)

In return, you will get access to #beta-testers private channel and installation instructions.

Reporting feedback and issues

Use #beta-testers private channel to report feedback or issues you may encounter in features not yet widely released, or any regressions in existing functionality.

Happy testing and thanks for all the help! ❤️


Please, don't use TestFlight's built-in system for submitting feedback or bug reports (we don't check it often), use Slack instead 🙏

I want to leave your beta program

If you ever decide you don’t want to be part of beta program anymore, or if you stop using the app completely, please, let us know via Slack or send us a message. This is for our own bookkeeping, and so you no longer receive notifications when new beta updates become available.