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Quick note

Quick note is a Markdown scratchpad persisted and synced across all your devices for things like quick notes during meetings, checklists, reminders, etc.


If you use Lunatask on multiple devices, you can use the quick note to share short text snippets or links between them.

Think of the quick note as one note available all the time in your sight right next to your tasks.

Quick note


This screenshot is from an older version of Lunatask. The app looks different these days, but the functionality of the feature showcased here is the same.


Although the formatting toolbar is not available here, you can still use Markdown to add formatting or checklists to your quick note.

Exporting quick note

The content of the quick note can be easily converted to a regular note or a journal entry at any time. You can find the corresponding option in the menu that pops up upon clicking the three-dots icon on top of the quick note.


Your quick note enjoys the same security and privacy benefits as our other features and is end-to-end encrypted.