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Common questions (FAQ)

When we get a lot of questions about a particular thing related to a specific feature (e.g. the calendar, date-based scheduling, or time blocking), we provide an answer directly in the documentation page for that particular feature. If you did not find your answer there, we provide answers to other questions or reports we often get on this page.


Please check the Idea Portal first before asking if a certain feature is coming to Lunatask. If you find the feature there, add a vote for it instead. We use the Idea Portal to know what features are important to you and how much demand is for each.


We have a separate FAQ regarding subscriptions, plans, billing, and discounts here. You can request education discount here.

Scrollbars are missing in the Windows version of the app
Scrollbars are indeed missing in the Windows version of the app. The initial reason many years ago was that native Chromium's scrollbars are just so ugly, and the thinking was that everyone uses the mouse wheel or trackpad scroll gesture anyway. But since then, we learned there are a few people out there without such an option. For those, Lunatask probably won't work today. However, we plan to look into reintroducing scrollbars to the Windows version of the app later this year.
The app asked me to login again and now my data is gone!
Since login is done via a one-time sign-in code sent to your mailbox, there are no separate signup and login flows, and accounts are provisioned on the fly when you log in for the first time. Because of that, people who have multiple email addresses sometimes accidentally create a new account when they use the wrong address. Perhaps your account and data safely lives under your Yahoo address instead of your Gmail one?

Please double-check your email address. You can do that, for example, by searching your mailbox for past login emails from Lunatask — if you don't find any, you know it's the wrong mailbox.
Weird characters in alerts and/or missing context menus (using Snap on Linux)
This issue is caused by a combination of using snap + electron + certain graphics drivers. There are three possible ways to solve this:

  • Check if there’s a newer/different GPU drivers available
  • Use the AppImage version of Lunatask, as it won’t suffer from this problem
  • Alternatively, try running the app from the terminal with the following flag lunatask --disable-gpu
I'm using degooglified Android or cannot use Play Store for other reasons. Can I get an APK?
Unfortunately, an APK won’t be possible at the moment. All versions of Lunatask across all platforms must support automatic updates as new versions are released frequently, and support for older versions is also removed at the same speed. Lunatask is a young project, and the development moves quickly. So, for now, Lunatask for Android supports only Play Store distribution.
Notifications are not working in the mobile app
Notifications are one of the features still yet to be ported to the mobile app. However, they are coming to Lunatask for iOS and Android soon. Adding notifications is the top-most feature on the roadmap once Lunatask 2 is released in April 2024.
What are the numbers next to tasks?
That's the age of a task in days. Although you might find it annoying initially, it has an important psychological effect. You will see once you use the app for a while. We are currently not considering adding an option to disable this feature.
Are there any plans for integrating tasks and notes?
In the long term, probably yes, but the exact solution is not clear yet.

Short-term, to some degree. There's a feature coming soon that allows you to paste text, and tasks will be created for each line of that text. You would select a checklist in a note, copy it into your clipboard, switch to your task list, and paste it to create regular tasks for each checklist item. But there won't be any linking between them to, for example, keep the names of tasks in sync with the original checklist and vice versa.
Can I delegate or share tasks or notes with my partner, family, etc?
Lunatask is an end-to-end encrypted app, with no one but you having even theoretical access to your tasks and notes. Despite your tasks and notes being stored on our servers, even we cannot access them. Therefore, we cannot share them with other users and accounts.

This is a limitation of many encrypted apps—sharing and encryption usually do not play well together. Multi-user encrypted apps certainly exist, usually in the form of end-to-end encrypted chats like Signal or WhatsApp. Still, they are a special case for which encryption has to be specifically designed, and Lunatask is a personal productivity application first and foremost.

However, it is certainly possible to add tasks to, for example, your children's lists without being able to view their other tasks, journal, or access anything else in their account. You can do that using our email integration or using Shortcuts on iOS and Mac.
I don't like the curvy font. Can I change it?
Well, we know it is a controversial choice. We used it to make the app's interface more friendly and welcoming. It is a temporary solution until we add the ability to pick between several font combinations for note titles and their content (for example, some people prefer serif font in their notes). We are also considering adding an option to disable the curvy font and fallback to a system one in one of the future releases, mainly for those who write in languages not supported by the curvy font (e.g. Thai).
I'm a developer/designer/copywriter/etc, and I'd love to help
Mike sincerely appreciated your offer, but he currently has all he needs, no external help need.
I'd like to help with translating the app into my language
Our apps and documentation are currently available only in English. Lunatask is a young project, and everything we do is optimized for the speed of development – there's still so much left to be built.

Maintaining localizations and translating each new feature into all languages would slow the development cycle considerably. For these reasons, we decided to postpone localizing our apps to a later time in the future.
Need more help?

Did not find your answer in the documentation or this FAQ? Feel free to send us a message. We are always here to help! Our Slack Community is also great for asking questions and sharing your feedback.