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Email integration

Send or forward an email from your inbox to create a task in Lunatask.

To set up the email integration, pick the task list (area) where you want new tasks to be created. Then, open the settings for this list, find the section named "email forwarding", and click to generate a unique email address for this task list.

To open area settings, click the settings icon in the bottom toolbar in the task list, next to the options to toggle calendar and quick note sidebars. Alternatively, right-click the area icon in the menu and select "Area settings".

Set up email integration

When an email is sent or forwarded to this email address, a new task will be created in your chosen task list. The incoming email's subject will become the name of the newly created task and its body the attached note.


Can I use CC/BCC?

Absolutely! Adding the generated email address to CC, you reply to the person who wrote you while saving the conversation as a task in Lunatask at the same time. And by using BCC, the person you're replying to won't even know.

Are HTML emails supported?

Yes, both plain-text and HTML emails are supported. We will strip unsupported formatting before the email's body is saved as a task description.