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Recurring tasks

Lunatask supports setting up complex recurrence rules for tasks.

To simplify things and to save up some precious development time, we opted not to build a complex UI for creating recurrence rules – instead, we let our natural language parser do the heavy lifting. You can also set a future start or end date for each recurrence pattern.

Here are a few examples of queries our parser understands:

  • Every two days
  • Every 21 days
  • Every Monday and Friday
  • Every weekday/workday
  • Every month on the second Thursday
  • Every month on the last day
  • Every February on the first day

The general formula for what our parser can interpret looks a little bit like this:

Every [N] (day(s)|week(s)|month(s)|...) on [(first|last)] [(weekday|monthday|...)]

Anyway, here we think the best approach is to just play with it 🤞


Some rules are currently not supported, for example, "every other day". Try rephrasing the query a little – in this case, use "every 2 days". Instead of "every second Sunday", try "every 2 weeks on Sunday".


It is not possible to combine "workday" with "first" or "last" modifiers. Therefore, queries like "Every month on the last workday" are currently not supported.