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Priority List

In this workflow, your tasks live in one long list – no sections, not statuses. Almost like you would do with paper and pencil. It is great for personal tasks, shopping lists, and other short lists.

Priority list workflow


There are three ways to create a new task:

  • Click the "add" button at the bottom of the menu on the left
  • Hover over the name of any section, and the button to add a new task into the section will appear
  • Press A on the keyboard. Alternatively, CMD+N (on Mac) and Ctrl+N (on other platforms) work as well.


This workflow features our signature automatic prioritization. Tasks are sorted first by their assigned priority, then by their age.


The task with the highest urgency will be highlighted in bold in the list as the next task to work on. This can be disabled in the settings.

As in other workflows, start working on tasks from the top. If you have trouble getting started on a task, start a timer.


To quickly increase a task's priority, use Shift+Arrow Up keyboard shortcut.