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Work-in-progress limit

People love to start things, but we sometimes struggle to finish them. A work-in-progress limit is a feature designed to nudge you to complete the work you already started before taking on new work. This increases throughput and reduces the amount of work that is "nearly done" – it helps you work more efficiently.

In the settings, you can configure when Lunatask should tell you that you have too much unfinished work. By default, when you sign up, it is set to when you have three tasks in-progress (i.e. with Started status). When you hit the limit, you are still allowed to start working on new tasks, but a message will show on the top of the list.

Work-in-progress limit


This screenshot is from an older version of Lunatask. The app looks different these days, but the functionality of the feature showcased here is the same.


The work-in-progress limit is available in all workflows (except for Must/Should/Want method) and can be disabled in the settings.