Get stuff
actually done
this time.

Lunatask is an all-in-one privacy-focused todo list, notebook, habit and mood tracker, and pomodoro timer. It remembers stuff for you and prioritizes what to work on next. Choose from a variety of productivity techniques to get stuff actually done.

Available for macOS and Windows. Linux support coming soon.

Better Task Lists.

Stay organized with our smart task lists automatically sorting your tasks based on age, priority, and estimated time needed to accomplish them. Build your perfect workflow combining numerous built-in grouping and sorting options.


Must/Should/Want Method

Pomodoro Timer

Eisenhower Matrix

Google Calendar + Time Blocking

Connect your Google calendar to see meetings and calls for today directly next to your tasks. Then, drag your planned tasks onto the calendar to fill in the space in between.

Build Healthy Habits.

Adopting new healthy habits is hard, we've all been there. Our beautiful visual habit tracker gives you accountability and shows your progress. Get rid of bad habits and build new healthy ones.

Track Your Mood.

Whether you have trouble managing mood swings, stress, anxiety, or depression, tracking how you feel will give you visibility into how you're doing over time to help you overcome these challenging conditions.


Secure Notes.

Whether writing a list of goals for the next week, meeting notes, or an entry into your daily journal, our encrypted notes and notebooks make it a breeze using the power of Markdown.

Quick Add From Anywhere

Add tasks to your task lists on the go, on mobile or anywhere within the reach of the internet.

An Open Platform

Your task list is at the center of your life, it's important everything is there. Integrate with the tools you're already using and automatically bring tasks from your favorite apps into your task list.

Check all of our features.

Workflow Presets

Utilize built-in battle-tested productivity techniques like Kanban, Must/Should/Want method, or Eisenhower Matrix to get organized and beat procrastination.

Prioritize with Ease

Group and sort tasks by any dimension to see what's important. Lunatask always tries to bubble the most urgent tasks to the top and highlights the next task to work on.

Manage Separate Lives

No more need to look at work-related tasks during the weekend unless you want to. Now you can keep the separate tracks of work.. well, separate.

Status Tracking

Not all tasks are actionable. Don't be distracted by those which are not and focus on what you can actually move forward. Hide everything else.

Recurring/Scheduled Tasks

Keep track of future tasks with ease and let Lunatask bring you back to them when the time comes.

Task Estimation

Don't feel overwhelmed. Estimate the time needed to complete each task to see how much actual work is on your shoulders. It might be less than you think.

Pinned Tasks

Pin tasks to the top of the list to have them always at your sight.

WIP Limit

Configurable work-in-progress limit notifies you when you have too much unfinished work. Finish what you already started before picking up new work.

Pomodoro Timer

When you catch yourself procrastinating or unable to start with a big task, give it one pomodoro and make the first step. Forward is always the right direction.

Habit & Mood Tracker

Practice makes perfect. Track the progress and learn new habits with a visual habit tracker. Track your mood and how your feel to see how your new habits affect you.

Secure Notes & Notebooks

Take notes and organize them into notebooks. Keep one notebook for goals, another for cooking recipes, and perhaps a third as your journal?

Markdown Support

Add notes to tasks using the internet's most popular markup and formatting language for efficient and rich writing.

Integrations & API

Connect your favourite apps through Zapier or use our API to manage data in your Lunatask account.


Managing tasks and getting them done can often be a challenge. Lunatask is designed with ADHD brains in mind and the tools to help.

State of the Art Security

All your data is end-to-end encrypted by industry-leading encryption algorithms. No one has access to your data, not even us.

Focused on Privacy.

End-to-end encryption of your data

We ask just for the email address, no more

No in-app product analytics

No tracking on our website

Coming soon.

We believe in transparency. We have a public roadmap so you can see where we are heading. Vote on features you'd like us to build and let us know what's important to you, or submit your own ideas.

Let's get productive. Now for free!

Lunatask is currently in Beta. You can download and start using it right away.

Let us know what you like about Lunatask, what you miss, or how we can make Lunatask work better for you.

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We will introduce paid premium plan later this year. Stay tuned.