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Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts are the best and fastest way to interact with any application – ours is no exception.

T, CMD+1 or Ctrl+1Go to tasks (or next area in the list)
H, CMD+2 or Ctrl+2Go to habits
J, CMD+3 or Ctrl+3Go to journal
N, CMD+4 or Ctrl+4Go to notes
R, CMD+5 or Ctrl+5Go to relationship tracker
MOpen mood tracker/journaling popup for today
CMD+F, Ctrl+F, or CMD+K, Ctrl+KShow search window
CMD+comma or Ctrl+commaGo to settings


0Go to "Next to work on" overview
TGo to next area
Shift+TGo to previous area
CMD+S or Ctrl+SToggle the calendar/quick note sidebar
A, CMD+N, or Ctrl+NCreate new task
Shift+Arrow Right or Shift+Arrow LeftChange status/motivation/eisenhower value of selected task (or tasks)
Shift+Arrow Up or Shift+Arrow DownIncrease/decrease priority of selected task (or tasks)
CComplete selected task (or tasks)
SSchedule selected task using date-based scheduling
PToggle whether selected task is pinned
FRun timer for 25 minutes on selected task
QCancel currently running timer
Arrow Up or Arrow DownSelect next/previous task
CMD+A or Ctrl+ASelect all tasks in the list
Enter, Space, or Arrow RightOpen selected task
EscapeClose opened task or remove selection
Delete or BackspaceDelete selected task (or tasks)

Habit Tracker

A, CMD+N, or Ctrl+NCreate new habit


A, CMD+N, or Ctrl+NCreate new journal entry


A, CMD+N, or Ctrl+NCreate new note
Arrow Up or Arrow DownSelect next/previous note
PToggle whether selected note is pinned
Delete or BackspaceDelete selected note

Markdown Editor

CMD+B or Ctrl+BToggle bold text
CMD+I or Ctrl+IToggle italic text
Tab or Shift+TabIndent/unindent list item
Alt+Arrow Up or Alt+Arrow DownMove list item up/down in the list
Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+...Change heading size


A, CMD+N, or Ctrl+NCreate new person
Arrow Right or Arrow LeftGo to next/previous person
ESwitch person sidebar to edit mode
RSet last reconnect date to today
EscapeClose edit mode or person details