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Siri and Google Assistant

Add new tasks to your lists just by talking to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Homepod, or your Android device.


Siri is capable of running shortcuts. Get started by creating a shortcut. Once the shortcut is set up, tell Siri to run a shortcut, following up with the shortcut name (i.e. "Run shortcut create task"). Siri will then ask you to fill in the details.

Google Assistant

Deprecation notice

Google Assistant has announced that they are sunsetting their Conversations Action API, which is used to power the Google Assistant integration on Zapier. As a result, the Google Assistant integration will be deprecated on June 9, 2023. At that time, all Zaps using the integration will stop working and start to return errors. This is a decision on Google’s end and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Similarly to creating tasks using Siri, you can create new tasks just by talking to Google Assistant on your Android device.


The integration with Google Assistant uses the Zapier automation platform and requires creating a free Zapier account.

To get started, create a new Zap using our pre-made template. Finish the configuration of the Zap by connecting your Google and Lunatask accounts and pick the target list where the task should be created (if you get lost here, check our tutorial on configuring Zapier).


During the setup, it is likely that tests and checks will fail as you likely won't have any pushed voice messages yet. This is okay, on both occasions, Zapier offers a button to skip the test.

Once your Zap is configured and activated, pick up your Android device (or say "Ok Google" if you have this feature enabled). The conversation will now go on like this:

You: Hey Google. Talk to Zapier.

Google: Zapier here! What can I do for you?

You: Create a new task

Google: How should I name the task?

You: [say the name of the task]

And that's it. The task will now appear in the list of your choosing.