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Bulk edit

Lunatask allows updating properties of tasks in bulk – you can, for example, select any number of tasks and update the status for all of them at once to move them out of the backlog.

Select multiple tasks in the list to perform bulk actions on and right-click. When selecting an action in the right-click context menu, this action will be performed on all tasks in the selection.

To add another task to the current selection, instead of simply clicking on the task, hold CMD (on Mac) or Ctrl (on other platforms) while clicking. To select a range, select the first task, then while holding Shift, click the last task – all tasks in between those two tasks will also be added to the selection. To select all tasks in the list, press CMD+A (on Mac) or Ctrl+A (on other platforms).

Some keyboard shortcuts also work on multiple selections, for example, Backspace to delete all tasks in the selection, Shift+Arrow Right and Shift+Arrow Left to move the tasks between sections, or Shift + Arrow Up and Shift + Arrow Down to increase/decrease priority.