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Task Entity

All operations on Tasks API return the latest representation of Task entity.

idThe ID of the task (UUID)
area_idThe ID of the area of life the task belongs in (UUID)
statusCurrent status of the task (see possible values below)
previous_statusPrevious status of the task (optional, see possible values below)
estimateCurrent value of the estimate (optional, in minutes)
priorityCurrent value of the priority (see possible values below)
motivationCurrent value of the motivation (see possible values below)
eisenhowerCurrent value on Eisenhower matrix (see possible values below)
sourcesArray of references to data records in external systems (see documentation for creating tasks for more information)
scheduled_onISO-8601 formatted date when the task is scheduled on (optional)
completed_atISO-8601 formatted time when the task was completed (optional)
created_atISO-8601 formatted time when the task was created
updated_atISO-8601 formatted time when the task was last updated
deleted_atISO-8601 formatted time when the task was deleted (optional)

Example JSON representation might like this:

"id": "066b5835-184f-4fd9-be60-7d735aa94708",
"area_id": "11b37775-5a34-41bb-b109-f0e5a6084799",
"status": "next",
"previous_status": "later",
"estimate": 10,
"priority": 0,
"motivation": "unknown",
"eisenhower": 0,
"sources": [
"source": "github",
"source_id": "123"
"scheduled_on": null,
"completed_at": null,
"created_at": "2021-01-10T10:39:25Z",
"updated_at": "2021-01-10T10:39:25Z",
"deleted_at": null



Allowed values for status attribute:

"later"Represents later status (default)
"next"Represents next status
"started"Represents started status
"waiting"Represents waiting status
"completed"Represents completed status


Priority is represented as an integer value in range -2..2.

2Highest priority
1High priority
0Normal priority (default)
-1Low priority
-2Lowest priority

Clearing the priority is done by setting the priority value to 0.


Allowed values for motivation attribute:

"must"Must motivation
"should"Should motivation
"want"Want motivation
"unknown"Unknown motivation (default)

Clearing the motivation is done by assigning the motivation value of "unknown".


Allowed values for eisenhower attribute:

1Urgent and Important
2Urgent, not important
3Important, not urgent
4Not urgent or important

Clearing the value is done by assigning the value of 0.