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Lunatask for iOS (beta)

Get our upcoming iOS app and help us with testing 🙏

How to participate?

Invitations to the iOS beta are now open. Apply using the form here. Feel free to use this form to apply for Android beta testing as well.

Upon reviewing your request to join, you will be added as a beta tester to Apple's TestFlight system. TestFlight makes it easy to install apps that are not yet ready for prime time in the App Store on your iOS device.

How long before I receive an invite?

Usually, from one day to one week after you apply. In the meantime, you can use Quick Add or iOS widget to add tasks to your lists on the go.

I received the invitation, now what?

If you haven't been part of testing any app via TestFlight in the past, the process is simple, and Apple will guide you through it. Follow the instructions in the email from Apple. We will summarize it quickly here as well.

First, install the TestFlight app from the App Store. Next, open the email invitation you received from Apple on your iPhone and press "View in TestFlight". The TestFlight app will open with Lunatask for iOS app profile. Then, press "Install" like you would with any App Store app. And that's it, the app will now install on your home screen.

What are system requirements?

Currently, the only technical requirement is running iOS 13+. However, we reserve the right to remove support for certain devices in the future if we see the app not performing well there, leading to crashes.

What about iPad?

The app runs well on the iPad, but only as an upscaled iPhone app. We will look into improving the support for the iPad after the wide release into the App Store.

How to report issues or feedback?

We would love to hear your throughs, ideas, and issues you bumped into. Use our contact form, join our Slack Community, or send us a message to