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Note Entity

All operations on Notes API return the latest representation of Note entity.

idThe ID of the note (UUID)
notebook_idThe ID of the notebook the note belongs in (UUID)
sourcesArray of references to data records in external systems (see documentation for creating notes for more information)
created_atISO-8601 formatted time when the note was created
updated_atISO-8601 formatted time when the note was last updated

Example JSON representation might like this:

"id": "5999b945-b2b1-48c6-aa72-b251b75b3c2e",
"notebook_id": "d1ff35f5-6b25-4199-ab6e-c19fe3fe27f1",
"sources": [
"source": "evernote",
"source_id": "352fd2d7-cdc0-4e91-a0a3-9d6cc9d440e7"
"created_at": "2021-01-10T10:39:25Z",
"updated_at": "2021-01-10T10:39:25Z",