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Lunatask v0.7


  • Added Quick Add from Anywhere. You can now add tasks to your task lists on the go, on mobile or anywhere within (and outside) the reach of the internet.
  • Added Zapier support allowing you to connect Lunatask with 2000+ apps through Zapier automation platform
  • Added experimental Windows 10 support


  • Added support for lists and checkboxes in Markdown to our task description editor
  • Improvements to date suggestions when scheduling a task to a future day
  • You can now select all tasks in the list with CMD+A (on Mac) or Ctrl+A (on Windows)
  • Added new shortcuts to create a new task in the task list. As an alternative to already existing CMD+N/Ctrl+N, you can press either N (stands for New) or A (stands for Add). All of the three shortcuts do the same thing, so it's up to you which one you prefer.
  • Added menu option to clear all local data. This resets the local installation of Lunatask clearing all data and configuration (it does not delete any data in your account). Might be useful sometimes in a case when the application ends in an error state. Usually, sign out should do the same thing.
  • In our quest to be a privacy-focused tool, we removed Google Analytics from our website to prevent Google from tracking our users
  • More consistent area icon sizes in the menu