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Lunatask v1.7.9


  • You can now assign icons to goals the same you do for areas
  • The "Next to work on" overview now features a goal list below the list of areas, showing only goals with actionable tasks
  • The natural language parser for setting up recurring tasks now understands "workday", which is an alias for the existing "weekday"
  • A confirmation message was added when completing a task with incomplete subtasks
  • Clicking a tag on notes in the note list now filters on that tag
  • Allow tracking habits with a single click in the habit tracker when Space or Shift is held
  • Improved keyboard navigation around inline code marks in the note editor
  • The tooltip upon hovering over the section name in the task list now shows how many tasks are in the section and how many of them are without an estimate
  • The video conference join link is now shown in the tooltip when hovering over the button to join the call
  • The task progress indicator is now larger to improve readability
  • Creating a note while filtering on some tags now creates a note with those tags
  • Other minor improvements and fixes


  • Fixed area goal filter being applied after switching from an area into the "Next to work on" overview