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Lunatask v2.0.3


  • When a goal is no longer needed, you can now archive it instead of deleting it completely. Archived goals are hidden by default in the list of goals with the option to show them.
  • You can now move goals between areas and goals are also preserved and moved when deleting areas and choosing to keep tasks. The option to move a goal can be found in the right-click context menu on individual goal cards in the goal list on the left.
  • Eisenhower matrix now handles scheduling the same way as other workflows with the "coming up" section and future tasks moved out of the matrix at the bottom of "later"
  • The progress indicator on goals now turns green when reaching 100%
  • Minor visual improvements and other fixes


  • Fixed a regressing in a recent update causing a constant 5-7% CPU usage (up to 30% when the habit tracker section is open) even when the app is not in use
  • Fixed edges in how the next task to work on is calculated in various workflows
  • Fixed the app incorrectly calculating initial window width from screen resolution, resulting in a too-narrow app window