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Lunatask v2.0.0


  • Relationship Tracking, our take on a Personal CRM was added featuring fully customizable fields, beautiful hierarchy visualization, reconnect rules, and memories timeline with journal integration
  • Two new task list workflows were added – a new Priority List (semi-structured status-less flat list) and Plan Your Week (with sections for each of the next seven days)
  • You can now go back in history in the habit tracker
  • Goal detail now shows completed tasks belonging to the goal at the bottom of the list and the main list of tasks for an area also now shows tasks completed today – no need to dig for them in the logbook
  • You can now create new tasks simply by dragging over an empty space in the calendar


  • The app and its main navigation were redesigned
  • Now / Later and Eisenhower Matrix are now a status-less workflows
  • Task status previously named Started was renamed to In progress
  • The “Review old tasks” workflow is now gone as it is basically replaced with the new Simple Workflow
  • Bulk scheduling support was added to the quick scheduling dialog triggered by S keyboard shortcut
  • Various minor changes to how tasks are sorted across all workflows
  • You can now reschedule current occurrence of a recurring task without affecting future occurrences
  • Opacity was removed from the task progress indicator when from subtasks progress is calculated automatically from completed subtasks (as that is usually the main way of tracking progress anyway)
  • Pending and completed tasks are now shown separately in search results
  • You can now quickly jump to the journal entry for a specific day using a small calendar in the journal sidebar
  • All text fields and inputs across the app now have right-click context menus with regular items like Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Tasks in search results now show the goal they belongs to
  • The exact progress in percentage is now shown when hovering over the goal progress indicator in the goal list
  • Quick Add was removed from the settings and was shut down
  • New Shift+T keyboard shortcut to go to the previous area in the list
  • Locking and unlocking the journal, protected notebooks, or relationships section are now global actions – you can freely switch between these until the unlock period runs out
  • The app now loads much faster and eats less memory thanks to a new storage engine previously powering Lunatask for iOS and Android
  • Other minor improvements and fixes


  • Window controls are now at an intuitive place in the top right corner of the window on Windows
  • The app window no longer grows while dragging when the display zoom/scale is set to a value other than 100% in Windows settings
  • Fixed search sometimes not jumping to a search result when pressing Enter
  • Fixed dragging, for example, a 15-minute task onto the calendar for the second time creating 1-hour long time block (or whatever the default time block length is set to in the settings)
  • Date picker for past dates now correctly suggests past dates instead of future ones for queries like "Monday"
  • Fixed next occurrence date calculation when completing after completion tasks earlier