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Lunatask v1.7.8


  • The look of the journal was refreshed and is now more consistent with the new look of the notes section
  • You can now explicitly lock the protected journal and notebooks using the new "lock" button in the header
  • Changing note font size now changes the font size in the journal as well
  • "Later" tasks are now automatically moved into "next" after dragging them onto the calendar
  • Deleting tasks using Backspace or Delete now requires confirmation to prevent accidental deletions
  • Note list now ignores leading emojis when sorting notes by name
  • Goal descriptions now collapse when too long, so one does not have to scroll all the time to see tasks belonging to the goal
  • Allow connecting to CalDAV calendars without credentials
  • Improved indication that a subscription was canceled but is still active until a certain date in the settings
  • Added support for videoconference link parsing for Technische Universität München (BBB TUM) to all calendar integrations
  • Added illustrations to blank slates and the premium feature upgrade modal
  • The deprecated ability to assign mood and emotions to notes is now removed
  • Other minor visual improvements and fixes


  • The mood tracker popup no longer overflows the window when a journal entry gets long
  • Fixed recurring tasks marked as waiting showing up in the "Next to work on" overview
  • The statistic for how many months one is journaling now counts only months with at least a single journal entry
  • Fixed date badges on tasks not re-rendering correctly at midnight
  • Fixed switching between different months in the journal not scrolling the view to the top
  • Fixed the journal's month picker overflowing the window when journaling for more months than fits the available screen height
  • Fixed Shift+Arrow Left / Shift+Arrow Right keyboard shortcuts not working on tasks marked as waiting
  • The whole CalDAV sync now does not fail when facing an issue parsing a single event (it now just skips it and continues)
  • Fixed emacs keybinding Ctrl-F not working on Mac due to conflict with search
  • Fixed videoconference link extraction not working for Zoom subdomains with dashes
  • Fixed drag and drop of tasks initiating dragging immediately when the mouse moves even a single pixel, leading to accidental drags instead of clicks (threshold is now 4px to mimic native behavior and mirror the same behavior in the area/goal list and its drag and drop implementation)
  • Added protection for edge cases where local data from previous login might not be properly purged for whatever reason
  • Fixed note name animation flickering