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Sunsetting support for Windows 7/8

Windows 8.1 reached the end of support on January 10, 2023, and no longer receives software or security updates from Microsoft.

Furthermore, our desktop app is based on Electron, which itself is built on top of Chromium. The current version of Lunatask runs on the last Electron and Chromium versions supporting Windows 7 and 8, while newer versions of both no longer support these old systems.

Lunatask v1.7, due to be released in June, will drop support for these old systems as well, allowing it to receive new Electron and Chromium updates again. These updates are necessary so our desktop app gets better, faster, and more secure over time, as well as it will fix several issues present in the Chromium version used in our desktop app today.

One of these issues is related to the government in Mexico's decision to stop using daylight saving time (DST) starting this year. Unfortunately, the Chromium version used in Lunatask v1.6 is unaware of this change, causing users in Mexico to see the wrong time on the calendar and receive notifications prematurely. In this case, upgrading to a newer Chromium version is necessary to fix the issue.

Since we do not track our users thanks to our strict no-tracking policy, we are unable to determine how many of them will be affected by this change. At this time, many companies worldwide are going through a similar transition and we are sorry if this change disrupts your workflow.

If you are an existing customer and this change is affecting you, feel free to message us.