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Lunatask v1.6.5


  • You are now able to reset a task's age used for prioritization. This can be useful, for example, when moving older tasks from "later" to "now", or from "pinned" tasks. It’s not meant to be used all the time, but you might have a task you have been tracking for months (or years even). Now you decide it’s time to work on it, and you might want to treat it as created today, so the task is not shown as the first task in the list despite it being the oldest task. You can reset the age of any task in the right-click context menu.
  • Journal entry editor is now automatically focused when opening the mood tracking popup or when the journal is unlocked there
  • The default name for notes created from calendar events was simplified to shorten it a bit
  • Settings -> Connected apps section now links new documentation articles on how to set up Shortcuts and Siri or Google Assistant
  • Minor visual and onboarding improvements


  • Fixed creating a new journal entry sometimes not jumping to the newly created entry when switched to a different month or not focusing the editor when created via a keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed the order of scheduled tasks in the pinned section when using by priority sorting
  • Fixed events coming from a "busy / free" shared calendar in Google Calendar showing as "undefined"