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Lunatask v2.0.1


  • When someone has a birthday today, there's now an indicator on the "People" menu item in the main menu on top
  • Arrow Left and Arrow Right were added for switching between different people in the relationship tracker
  • When converting a scheduled task into a recurring one, the start date (if set) is respected and preserved
  • There's now the option to export your relationships as part of data export


  • Fixed many shortcuts not working when the cursor is focused in text fields or our Markdown editor
  • Fixed closing task detail requiring Escape to be pressed twice when the task description editor is focused
  • Fixed CMD+2 and CMD+3 shortcuts for jumping into notes and habits being switched
  • Fixed CMD+5 / Ctrl+5 keyboard shortcuts not working to jump into the relationship tracker
  • Fixed P keyboard shortcut to pin a task or note not working due to conflict with a shortcut to jump to the relationship tracker – use R now to go to the relationship tracker
  • Fixed today column highlight being shown on previous pages in the habit tracker
  • Fixed today column highlight height in some edge cases
  • Fixed full-screen window mode on working on macOS
  • Fixed the main menu on top not removing extra space on the left when in full-screen mode on macOS
  • Other minor visual and other fixes