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Lunatask v1.7.6


  • There's now a brand-new overview of the next tasks to work on across all areas


  • The area/goal list is now resizable
  • You can choose the initial status for newly created tasks individually per each of your areas instead of it being a global setting
  • A new menu was added to the note list, allowing you to customize the look of notes in the list (including the new option to hide content preview)
  • Logbook now shows the total number of completed tasks
  • Quick note can now be exported as a journal entry
  • Due dates happening in the next 7 days are now highlighted in yellow on goals
  • Formatting toolbar was added to goal descriptions
  • "Planned tasks" were renamed "actionable tasks"
  • Waiting tasks are no longer considered actionable
  • Badges on individual areas in the area list are now much larger
  • Started tasks now have a badge in "Now / Later" and "Review old tasks" workflows, similar to how waiting tasks are indicated
  • You can toggle whether a task/note is pinned using P keyboard shortcut
  • Navigation shortcuts were revamped and new shortcuts were added:
    • T to go to tasks (or the next area in the list)
    • H to go to habits
    • J to go to journal
    • N to go to notes
    • M to open mood tracker/journaling popup for today
    • 0 to open "Next to work on" overview in tasks
  • Notes now visually indicate if a note is used as a template in the header
  • Tasks can now be created inside goals using the API
  • Minor visual and other improvements


  • The progress indicator on tasks was fixed, so it is now shown even when there are zero completed subtasks


  • The option to set task visibility for goals was removed
  • Keyboard shortcut N for creating tasks/notes was removed, use A instead