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Lunatask v1.7.3


  • The look of note detail was refreshed a bit
  • You can now reschedule the current occurrence of recurring tasks using date-based scheduling, as it was not previously possible without losing the recurrence rule
  • 1/2/3/4/5/8 days estimate options were added to tasks
  • Pressing CMD+1/Ctrl+1 when already in the tasks section now cycles through areas instead of doing nothing
  • It is now possible to set the Eisenhower matrix value using the right-click context menu (including the bulk-edit context menu)
  • The public link is now automatically copied to the clipboard when clicked in the note-sharing dialog
  • Medium and large font sizes for notes are now a bit larger


  • Fixed many edge cases in our Markdown editor's auto-linking functionality
  • Fixed checking a checkbox in notes scrolling the page to the top
  • Fixed pressing Enter on a completed checkbox item creating a new checked checkbox item below it instead of a fresh unchecked one
  • Typing a letter between two backticks in notes now correctly changes the text to inline code
  • Other minor editor improvements and fixes