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Lunatask v1.7.2


  • There's now an option to turn off dimming of the area/goal list sidebar when not in use in the settings
  • Improved videoconference join link extraction for Zoom
  • Data export now requires the master password or PIN to be entered
  • Task's goal was added to the data export
  • Data export configuration (what entities to export) is now remembered across runs
  • The option to delete your account was moved from an in-app to a web-based flow so one can delete their account even after they uninstall the app
  • You can now change your account's email address and master password in the "Account & Billing" section in the settings
  • The "check for updates" button is now available directly on the login screen (when available, i.e. in non-store versions of the app)
  • Minor visual improvements


  • Fixed the task scheduling dialog being hidden behind the calendar/quick note sidebar when the sidebar is open
  • Fixed incorrect copy in the goal settings modal saying that completed tasks will be deleted as well when deleting goals which wasn't true – the option whether to keep or delete tasks under the goal is always for remaining tasks only, and completed tasks are always kept in either case
  • Fixed the goal header section in the goal detail not showing in the "Review old tasks" workflow
  • Fixed broken CMD+1 and Ctrl+1 keyboard shortcuts for switching to tasks