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Lunatask v1.7.0


  • The new Goal Tracking feature adds a new level of structure to your task list. Goals can be projects or other things you want to achieve in your life. Goals support deadlines and automatically calculate your progress toward the goal. You can also display tasks from multiple goals at the same time. Goals should solve most of the previous need to use too many areas of life where it did not make sense.


  • The list of areas is now available in the new sidebar menu within the tasks view instead of the main menu, streamlining the app's interface
  • The journal has moved into the main menu and is no longer embedded within the habit tracker
  • You can now drag and drop multiple tasks into a different section, area, or goal at once
  • The option to edit the journal entry template was moved directly into the journal header for better discoverability and access
  • The setting for what tasks to count into the badge on areas is now per area instead of being global, so you can have, for example, the “Work” area showing the number of “coming up” tasks in the badge, but the “Social Life” area all “planned” tasks, making area badges much more useful
  • The logbook is now global (not per area) and its performance was massively improved when many tasks in the logbook
  • The natural language parser used for setting up recurring tasks now understands common numbers spelled out, so you can now use "every two days" instead of "every 2 days"
  • The picker for changing the task list sorting was removed as alternative sorting options did not bring much value and it was an additional concept that needed to be explained to new users, further complicating onboarding
  • The app icon is now rounded on Windows


  • Fixed checking a checkbox sometimes checking (but only visually) also the checkbox below
  • Fixed the editor scrolling all the way down and placing the cursor at the very end of the note when checking off a checkbox
  • Fixed the daylight saving time issue for users in Mexico
  • Fixed the drag and drop of tasks not working in the "Review old tasks" workflow
  • Fixed an incorrect icon size and roundness on Mac


  • As announced earlier, as of this update Lunatask no longer supports Windows 8 and older.
  • This update is versioned as v1.7.1 on the Microsoft Store due to a versioning conflict and is identical to v1.7.0 on other platforms