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Lunatask v1.6.0


  • Added "tomorrow" calendar and support for time blocking one day ahead. When the calendar sidebar is resized and made large enough, tomorrow appears, allowing you to plan out tomorrow hour by hour.
  • You can now track progress on tasks. Either you can set the progress manually (e.g. 40%), or it will be automatically calculated from the number of completed subtasks (in that case, the indicator will be shown slightly dimmed)
  • Journal can now be PIN-protected. You can set up a four-digit PIN and mark the journal as PIN-protected in the settings.
  • Calendar and quick note sidebars are now independently resizable
  • You can now drag and drop tasks between different sections and lists
  • Tasks now show how old they are all the time (in days, that's the number right of the task name). It makes the prioritization system better shine through and easier to follow.
  • Note content is now previewed in the note list
  • Pinned tasks and notes are now free features for all users


  • You can now choose from 4000+ icons for your areas and notebooks
  • Interacting with workflows was simplified, resulting in the removal of the grouping picker
  • Grouping "none" (flat list of tasks) was removed from the list of workflow/grouping options (it can still be achieved, but it is not promoted)
  • When a four-digit PIN is set up, protected notebooks will now require the PIN to be entered instead of master password
  • Protected notebooks now automatically lock on app restart and when the app is backgrounded
  • You can now set the duration for how long a protected notebook (or PIN-protected journal) should be unlocked when unlocking
  • Added pin/unpin options to task and note bulk edit context menus
  • Calendar now automatically scrolls when dragging a task near its edge
  • Improved note list performance when a lot of notes in the notebook
  • Hovering over the mood tracker icons below the habit tracker now shows the date in the tooltip
  • Hovering over a future date on scheduled tasks now shows how many days are remaining
  • Besides using Enter or Space, you can now open task detail by pressing Arrow Right
  • You can now edit the template new journal entries are initialized with also in application settings
  • The next or previous note in the list is now automatically selected after deleting a note instead of leaving the note detail empty
  • The option to export all data in your Lunatask account was added to the macOS menu items (you can also trigger data export at any time by pressing CMD+E)
  • Improved icon contrast in light mode and calendar event brightness in dark mode
  • Other minor changes and visual improvements


  • For scheduled and repeating tasks, prioritization now uses the date visible on the task to calculate its age instead of the actual date when the task was created
  • Fixed a few cases where moving a task into a collapsed section does not temporarily uncollapse the section
  • Removed Ctrl+N shortcut to create new tasks or notes on Mac to avoid conflict with emacs bindings to move the cursor
  • Fixed an issue causing causing dates on tasks shifting when traveling between timezones


This update is versioned as v1.6.1 on the Microsoft Store due to a versioning conflict.