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Lunatask v1.5.10


  • You can now select a task in the list and press S to schedule it for a future date without the need to open task detail
  • Allow moving recurring tasks out of "coming up" section without losing the date and recurrence rule
  • Added simple bulk-edit to notes (currently, only delete and move actions are supported)
  • You can now filter the note list to show only shared notes or templates
  • Added weather widget to the menu (can be disabled in the settings)
  • Brought back keyboard shortcuts for changing heading size and prevented conflict with navigation shortcuts
  • Minor design improvements in dropdowns across the app


  • Fixed drag and drop reordering of notebooks when many notebooks and scrollable picker
  • Note, task description, and journal entry Markdown editors now rerender with new content when updated on another device when they are mounted (unless they are focused)