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Lunatask v1.5.12


  • An indicator showing that the task has a note/description attached was added
  • The API for creating notes is now available
  • You can now manually override your location for weather widget if the location inferred from your IP address is not correct because of your ISP's IP routing
  • In the settings, you can toggle whether you prefer showing the actual temperature or "feels like" temperature for your location
  • The mood tracker popup now has a slightly refreshed look more consistent with how journaling looks elsewhere in the app
  • The journaling section in the mood tracker popup now features a formatting toolbar
  • The app now switches the currently shown note to the first note in the notebook when switching notebooks
  • Minor reliability improvements and visual improvements in dark mode


  • Fixed Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut to toggle calendar sidebar and Ctrl+Click multiple selection shortcut not working on Windows and Linux
  • Fixed multiple tasks still being selected after opening task detail when using bulk selection
  • Fixed mood tracker's emotion picker layout getting broken when scrollbars are set to always show on Mac
  • Fixed access tokens not showing correctly when they were last used in the settings