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Lunatask v1.6.3


  • The task list now switches selected area and scrolls to a task after moving the task to a different area
  • A newly created task is now automatically removed if both name and note left empty after creation
  • When deleting a recurring task, the app now asks whether your want to delete the task and all future occurrences or only skip the current recurrence
  • There's a new note filter available when in "All notes" to show only notes without any notebook
  • Progress on a task is now available also in data export
  • When pressing ENTER in journal entry name input, journal entry content editor is now focused for parity with the same behavior on notes


  • Fixed data export not working in the Mac App Store version of the app due to sandboxing
  • Fixed broken paste without formatting on Mac
  • Fixed natural language parser for setting up recurring tasks sometimes crashing the app on some unsupported rules
  • Fixed the app not scrolling to a task after running the timer when its position might have changed by the timer moving to the task to Started status
  • Fixed broken layout in tomorrow calendar's all-day events section on Windows
  • Fixed CalDAV integration's local expand feature for recurring events not working correctly with the recently added tomorrow calendar
  • Fixed the "create a note for calendar event" modal not redirecting to newly created note on submit