Release Notes 1.1

What's new in Lunatask 1.1?


  • The energy level tracker was added to the mood tracker. Track your energy levels and see how your new habits affect them.
  • Automatic habit time blocking is here with the option to schedule habits at a specific time of day added to the habit settings. If the habit is recurring on the day, it will show automatically in the calendar at the time set, no need to time block it manually.
  • You can now also set how much time the habit will take to complete each day in the habit settings. When set, it will affect how long the habit appears in the calendar.
  • Notebooks can now be marked as password-protected. All notes in Lunatask are end-to-end encrypted by default. Additionally, you can now require a master password to be entered every time a private notebook is accessed for an extra level of security, for example, in case someone would find your computer unlocked on your desk while you make a coffee in the kitchen. Notes from password-protected notebooks can still be found using the search, but do not show in All Notes.
  • Alternative accent color options are now available for the light appearance. In the settings, you can now pick from 4 different themes — blue, light grey, dark grey, and pink.
  • System notifications when time-blocked tasks or habits start were added v1.1.1
  • Lunatask is now available for Linux exclusively on Snap Store
  • Lunatask for Windows is now available also on Microsoft Store v1.1.2


  • Habit settings were moved from the right-click menu into a separate modal
  • General settings were restructured and the various options are now grouped by the part of Lunatask they affect
  • Settings menu was restructured a bit as well and the badge showing active end-to-end encryption was added
  • Note's notebook is now shown in the note header not just in All Notes, but also when in a different notebook than the one the note belongs to
  • Today skipped habits in the habit widget are now stored serverside and synced across all the devices
  • A button to create either a new habit or a new habit group was added to the habit tracker header
  • A button to create a new habit directly inside a selected habit group was added to the habit group header. No need for the two-step process of creating a new habit outside any habit group and then moving it in the right place.
  • The menu badge for the habit tracker showing the number of incomplete habits today now takes into account skipped habits v1.1.3
  • On Mac, a badge on the icon in Dock was added showing the number of incomplete habits and pending tasks, based on your badge configuration v1.1.3
  • Explanatory messages guiding users on how to use certain functionality or explaining what a setting will affect were added throughout the app
  • The button to access notebook settings was moved from the notebook picker dropdown next to the notebook name and note list sorting picker
  • Notebook name in the note header is now clickable and switches the selected notebook
  • The color of neutral emotions in the mood tracker was changed from grey to light blue due to contrast issues, especially in the dark mode
  • Scrollbars were removed completely from Windows and Linux versions. Since the early days, no scrollbar was ever shown in the habit tracker and the calendar. Since we received no complaints, in this release we are removing them from everywhere. Please, reach out if this poses a problem for you.
  • The window is now draggable by the top in the task list v1.1.3
  • CMD+comma/CTRL+comma was added as a keyboard shortcut to go to the settings v1.1.3
  • A tooltip was added to priority icons on tasks
  • Onboarding guide explaining Time Blocking was added
  • Welcome screen after the user signs up for the first time was improved
  • Lunatask app version is now shown on the login screen v1.1.3
  • "Integrations" settings were renamed to "Connected Apps"
  • New app icon v1.1.6
  • Time blocks now snap in place in 5-minute intervals instead of 15-minute ones while dragging for more precise planning v1.1.6
  • Improvements to real-time data sync to cover some rare edge cases ahead of mobile app beta release v1.1.7/v1.1.8


  • Fixed the user unable to type into text fields and inputs after a confirmation message or alert is shown on Windows v1.1.5
  • Fixed possible data inconsistency after an area of life delete that could cause the task list to crash v1.1.2
  • Scheduled but paused habits now do not appear in the calendar v1.1.4
  • Enforce the app on Mac being installed in Applications folder and not run from i.e. Downloads where it can cause issues v1.1.6
  • Improved reliability of the local data storage persistence, especially on Linux. It turned out that IndexedDB implementation in Chromium for Linux is not very reliable. That led to silent disconnections of the storage and some app data not being properly persisted when the app run for a long time. This is now fixed and we're deeply sorry we did not catch this earlier. v1.1.6
  • Fixed an issue where password-protected notebooks could not be unlocked immediately after signup v1.1.7