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Lunatask v1.3.3


  • The search is now word order independent
  • List items in the Markdown editor can be moved to up/down in the list with Alt+Arrow Up / Alt+Arrow Down
  • All keyboard shortcuts should now work even with caps lock on
  • You can now use [] to create a checkbox list besides the existing [ ], saving one keyboard press in our Markdown editor
  • Improved energy/busy level picker colors in dark mode


  • Fixed the cursor not visible when on an item without any text in the checkbox list
  • Fixed the logbook not working properly in the flat list grouping or when no incomplete tasks in the area
  • Fixed the navigation keyboard shortcut triggered when typing a number into task name input for some users
  • Fixed the price for a yearly plan in the pricing table showing AUD 110.99000000000001 for users in Australia in the Mac App Store app version