Release Notes 1.4

What's new in Lunatask 1.4?


  • Added support for connecting iCloud, Fastmail, and any other calendar supporting CalDAV protocol
  • Notes can now be shared publicly on the internet by creating a public link and sharing it with friends, colleagues, etc. Opening the link will allow anyone to see the read-only version of the note in their browsers.
  • The formatting toolbar was added to notes, journal entries, and task descriptions
  • The right-click context menu on tasks now supports bulk operations for updating status, motivation, priority, and moving selected tasks between lists
  • You can now set a start/end date for repeating tasks
  • When a habit is scheduled by setting the time of day in habit settings or by dragging the habit onto the calendar, the time is now shown as well on the habit itself in the habit tracker (and in red if the time is in the past). Also, the menu badge will not count in the habit until the specified time has passed as the habit is not actionable until that time.
  • The first link found in task descriptions is now extracted and a button to quickly visit the link is shown on the task itself in the list. The link extraction can be disabled in settings. Note that the link won’t be extracted retroactively for existing task descriptions. You will have to modify the existing task description somehow first.
  • You can now save a note as a Markdown file to your local filesystem
  • It is now possible to Shift+Click to select a range of tasks
  • The Linux version is now distributed also as AppImage, not just Snap


  • Similar to areas, note list sort is now persisted per notebook
  • Styling of checked checkboxes is now unified across all platforms
  • Premium workflow/grouping options are now dimmed out when on Free plan
  • Custom window drag areas were disabled on Linux as there is a native titlebar to do the job
  • Buttons to add new integrations were redesigned + minor visual consistency improvements across the app, icon and color updates, etc.
  • Improved performance and reliability of initial data sync
  • Added Shift+Arrow Left and Shift+Arrow Right keyboard shortcuts to change the status/motivation/eisenhower value of the selected task v1.4.1
  • Tasks are now automatically marked as started when the timer is started v1.4.1
  • The app window is draggable by the top also in settings v1.4.1
  • Note sharing icon in the note header is now highlighted while the note is being shared publicly v1.4.1
  • Added in-app toast notifications to various events in the app v1.4.1


  • Repeating tasks now use a new engine to calculate dates of occurences as the previous one had issues in some cases. Let us know if you notice any issues with scheduling repeating tasks after the update.
  • Fixed creating notes for repeating events coming from the Outlook calendar
  • Fixed a regression causing weekly habits to ignore changes of the week start day setting
  • Fixed the calendar not returning back after scroll properly between midnight and 1AM
  • Fixed the calendar sometimes creating white duplicate events while dragging and ending up in a broken state
  • Fixed "Copy All as Markdown" right-click menu option of the editor containing backslashes for empty lines when copied
  • Fixed the browser bookmarklet not creating clickable links in task descriptions. Please, delete your existing bookmarklet and create a new one to get this fixed.
  • iCloud reminder lists now do not show among the list of available calendars v1.4.1
  • Fixed repeated adding new task into collapsed section temporarily uncollapsing the section correctly only every other time v1.4.1
  • The task repeat settings modal window is now scrollable to avoid overflow on small screens v1.4.1