Release Notes 1.5

What's new in Lunatask 1.5?


  • You can now display charts showing what your mood, energy and stress levels are doing over time and compare them with previous periods
  • The journal now shows statistics like the total number of journal entries, your current streak, and how many months you have been journaling to keep you motivated
  • Many-times habits now support goals. Previously, Lunatask considered many-times habits complete when there was a single activity tracked. This is now fixed and you can set the goal so the app won’t consider the habit as complete until the specified number of activities has been tracked in the period. v1.5.1
  • Many-times habits now support scheduling. You can now set multiple times of day on many-times habits, so the habit shows up in the calendar every day at set times and you get a notification for each occurrence. v1.5.1
  • The template new journal entries are initialized with can now be customized. In the template, you can ask yourself questions you’d like to answer in each entry or remind yourself of things not to forget to enter into your journal. v1.5.1


  • Improved the UI for creating repeating tasks so it better explains what "after completion" does
  • Improved reliability of iCloud calendar sync when there's an issue processing recurrence rule for an event
  • Improvements to dark mode in habit and mood trackers
  • Improvements to onboarding for new users
  • When a task is scheduled for some future date, all time blocks for this task for the rest of the day are removed from the calendar v1.5.1
  • The scrollback to the current time in the calendar is now less annoying as it now gets delayed when you are still interacting with the calendar, i.e. planning your evening v1.5.1
  • Added the option to show time in 24h format across the app v1.5.1
  • The font size for medium/large settings was changed and the medium setting was made default for new users, or those who did not change it in the past v1.5.1
  • Added a variety of new good morning messages v1.5.1
  • The invisible window top drag bar now supports native window snapping on Windows (but only in tasks and settings, not in the habit tracker or notes) v1.5.1
  • Minimum supported screen resolution was lowered to 1024x768 v1.5.1
  • Lunatask for Mac now comes as a universal build for both Intel and M1-based Macs v1.5.1
  • 18 new emotions were added to feel picker (including distracted, depressed, or sick) v1.5.2
  • Email integration is now listed on "Connected apps" settings page v1.5.2
  • Similar to Mac and Linux, the badge is now also shown on the app icon in the taskbar on Windows v1.5.3
  • The date picker icon in the note header is now highlighted when the note has a date attached v1.5.3
  • Add note tag input is now refocused after adding a tag v1.5.3
  • The note list now scrolls to the note when its attached date changes and the list is sorted by the attached date v1.5.3


  • Fixed the mood tracker for the current day switching to the next day in front of your eyes at midnight, possibly in the middle of writing your journal entry
  • Fixed the order of tags in the note list being inconsistent with the order of tags in the note header
  • Fixed a race condition sometimes causing the UI to crash during sign out
  • Disallow users from entering "every day at 8" as a task recurrence rule and prevent a potential crash in that case
  • Fixed the button to open a task in the calendar not working correctly for tasks in collapsed sections
  • Attempt to fix the app losing the local copy of data and logging the user out when the machine runs low on disk space
  • Fixed tasks with 5/10 minute estimates not showing as 15 minute blocks on the calendar as habits do and overflowing the event container itself v1.5.1
  • Fixed tall characters in some languages (e.g. Thai) cut off due to insufficient line height in some parts of the application v1.5.2
  • Fixed zero energy/busy level value not being correctly passed to the mood tracker popup on reopen v1.5.2