Release Notes 1.3

What's new in Lunatask 1.3?


  • No need to use notes for your journaling needs anymore. With the new Daily Journal in Lunatask, all your journal entries now live in one place and are integrated directly into the mood tracker.
  • The integration with the Outlook calendar was added. You can now connect your Outlook / Office 365 calendar to see your meetings and events directly next to your tasks. It even extracts video conference links for quick one-click joining.


  • Running task timer now shows in the menubar item on Mac
  • Notes can now have a date attached to them
  • You can now manually pick a color for each of your habits and color-code them in a way that is meaningful to you + there are three new colors to choose from (eight in total)
  • Areas and notebooks now show up in search results for quick navigation via the keyboard
  • Initial task time block length when no estimate set can be now configured in the settings
  • Added "when 5/6 started tasks" option to the work-in-progress limit setting
  • The option to pin the note to the top of the list was added directly to the note header
  • The visual look of the habit tracker was refreshed
  • The search is now word order independent v1.3.3
  • List items in the Markdown editor can be moved to up/down in the list with Alt+Arrow Up / Alt+Arrow Down v1.3.3
  • All keyboard shortcuts should now work even with caps lock on v1.3.3
  • You can now use [] to create a checkbox list besides the existing [ ], saving one keyboard press in our Markdown editor v1.3.3
  • Improved energy/busy level picker colors in dark mode v1.3.3


  • Task scheduling calendar now respects the week start day set in the settings
  • Dragging the habit from the habit widget onto the calendar now respects the time needed set in the habit settings
  • Fixed auto-linking now working properly with inline code blocks in the editor
  • Fixed auto-scrolling when navigating in search results with arrow up/down on the keyboard
  • Fixed setting busy levels on notes
  • Fixed task names not updating in real-time in front of your eyes when changed on another device. They were shy I guess.
  • Fixed code blocks overflowing the note detail out of the screen in notes
  • Fixed the cursor not visible when on an item without any text in the checkbox list v1.3.3
  • Fixed the logbook not working properly in the flat list grouping or when no incomplete tasks in the area v1.3.3
  • Fixed the navigation keyboard shortcut triggered when typing a number into task name input for some users v1.3.3
  • Fixed the price for a yearly plan in the pricing table showing AUD 110.99000000000001 for users in Australia in the Mac App Store app version v1.3.3
  • Fixed declined events showing up in the calendar when using Google Calendar integration v1.3.4
  • Fixed the inability to authorize Outlook calendar integration with Office 365 even after organization admin consent is given v1.3.4
  • Fixed the inability to connect multiple different Outlook accounts due to the consent window not offering an option to sign in with a different Microsoft account v1.3.4
  • Fixed authentication window for both Google and Outlook closing in some cases prematurely when using third-party 2FA service where Lunatask would confuse 2FA response to Google/Outlook for Google's/Outlook's response to Lunatask v1.3.4