Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed things up with keyboard shortcuts.

Task List

CMD+N, CTRL+N, N, or AAdd new task
ARROW UP or ARROW DOWNSelect next/previous task
CMD+N or CTRL+NSelect all tasks in the list
SPACE or ENTEROpen selected task
ESCAPEClose opened task or remove selection
SHIFT+ARROW UP or SHIFT+ARROW DOWNIncrease/decrease selected task's priority
FRun timer for 25 minutes on selected task (focus task)
QCancel current running timer (unfocus task)
DELETE or BACKSPACEDelete selected task or tasks
CMD+S or CTRL+SToggle calendar

Habit Tracker

CMD+N, CTRL+N, N, or AAdd new habit


CMD+1, CMD+..., or CTRL+1, CTRL+...Switch to a specific area or the habit tracker given its corresponding position in the menu
CMD+F/CTRL+F or CMD+K/CTRL+KShow search window

Cloud Sync

CMD+R or CTRL+RTrigger data sync with cloud manually