Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed things up with keyboard shortcuts.

Task List

CMD+N, CTRL+N, N, or AAdd new task
ARROW UP or ARROW DOWNSelect next/previous task
CMD+N or CTRL+NSelect all tasks in the list
SPACE or ENTEROpen selected task
ESCAPEClose opened task or remove selection
FRun timer for 25 minutes on selected task (focus task)
QCancel current running timer (unfocus task)
DELETE or BACKSPACEDelete selected task or tasks

Habit Tracker

CMD+N, CTRL+N, N, or AAdd new habit


CMD+1, CMD+..., or CTRL+1, CTRL+...Switch to a specific area or the habit tracker given its corresponding position in the menu
CMD+F or CTRL+FGo to completed tasks or task search

Cloud Sync

CMD+R or CTRL+RTrigger data sync with cloud manually