Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manually reorder my tasks?

In Lunatask, you currently don’t manually reorder tasks. Instead, our task list is build around a concept of calculated “urgency”. Learn more about our prioritization framework.

How many tasks lists should I have?

The clue is in our naming of lists, we call them areas of life. When you have too many lists, you can't prioritize the tasks across them. If two tasks compete for one portion of your time, they should usually live in the same list. Start with two areas (for example, personal and work-related tasks) and add new ones once you are sure you really need them.

Why there's no view of all tasks?

It is our belief that one can focus only on one area of his life at a time. When at work, you want to focus on work-related tasks and avoid being distracted by you personal tasks.

How do I add subtasks?

Lunatask implements subtasks via checklists in task descriptions. With this approach, you can give any structure to your subtasks, including nested them. See our Markdown Reference for the exact syntax.

How to hide a certain group of tasks?

Double-click the section name to collapse the section. This is often used to hide tasks in Later after you plan the tasks to work on Next.

Where can I see the sum of all estimates in certain section, like my planned tasks?

Hover over the section name and the sum of estimates of all tasks in the section will show.

How to decrease an activity count for habits that can be tracked multiple times?

Hold Option/Alt while performing the double-click on the specific day.

Is mobile app coming?

Yes! The mobile app for iOS is currently in devepment and it will take a couple more weeks to finish. However, we are regularly adding more and more users to beta testing of what we have built so far. Watch our main page for updates.

I forgot my master password, what should I do?

Your master password is like a key to the vault. If the key is lost, there's no way to get into the vault. The only solution in case of a forgotten password is resetting your account since we keep no backdoor to your encrypted data. This way you can set up a new master password, but your previous data will be lost. Please, contact us and we'll promptly reset your account, if needed.

How do I cancel App Store subscription?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow cancelling subscriptions directly in the app. Subscriptions purchased via an In-App Purchase have to be canceled in iTunes or Mac App Store settings. For the exact steps, please, see Apple's documentation.

When I delete my account, will my subscription be automatically canceled?

For subscriptions purchased outside of the Mac App Store (via Paddle), the subscription will be cancelled automatically. For iTunes subscriptions, you have to cancel your subscription manually in iTunes or Mac App Store settings.