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Calendar integrations

⚡️ This feature is available on Premium plan

To see your calendar meetings and events inside Lunatask right next to your tasks, connect and authorize the integration in the settings, "Connected apps" section. All major calendar providers are supported – Google, Outlook, iCloud, FastMail, and the vast majority of others using generic CalDAV protocol.


Events coming from external calendars cannot be modified inside Lunatask and are read-only.


Currently, all our calendar integrations are one-way only – the data flows from the external calendar into Lunatask. We will be looking into implementing a two-way sync in the future, so your time-blocked tasks and habits can be propagated back to your external calendar. This is useful so, for example, your coworkers can see that you are busy at certain times of the day.

Changes in external calendars are propagated to Lunatask in real-time for Google and Outlook calendars and every 5 minutes for iCloud, Fastmail, and generic CalDAV integration.


You can trigger the sync with external calendars manually by running "Sync with cloud" using the corresponding menu item or via CMD+R (on Mac) and Ctrl+R (on other platforms) keyboard shortcuts.

Besides the ability to see your events and meetings inside Lunatask, connecting your calendar will enable a few additional features:


If you have trouble setting up the integration, send us a message, and we will be more than happy to help you. If you're using Outlook / Office 365, please, refer to our article on authorizing Outlook integration.