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You can find a built-in calendar in our apps 📆

You can use our calendar to plan your day minute by minute. Set up the integration to see events coming from your Google, Outlook, or other calendars. Once you see your meetings and events on the calendar, fill in the space between them with your tasks and habits.

See our articles on time-based scheduling of tasks and habit scheduling for more information.


Our calendar does not serve to be a replacement for a full-featured calendar app like Apple Calendar – building calendar apps and delivering a comparable experience to apps like Apple Calendar is not trivial. Although Lunatask aims to be an all-in-one personal productivity app, you will still have to use a full-featured calendar app to manage your meetings and appointments.

To open the calendar in Lunatask, switch to any of your task lists – the option to open/close the calendar can be found in the bottom toolbar. Alternatively, you can toggle the calendar sidebar by pressing CMD+S (on Mac) or Ctrl+S (on other platforms).



Time-blocks for tasks and habits on the calendar can be resized by dragging them by their bottom border.